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About Us

The Triangle Research Data Center (TRDC) is a member of the Federal Statistical Research Data Center network, a partnership between the Center for Economic Studies at the U.S. Census Bureau and Duke University in cooperation with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) and RTI International (RTI). Under this partnership, the Census Bureau allows researchers with approved proposals to perform statistical analysis on non-public microdata from the Census Bureau's economic and demographic censuses and surveys. Interested researchers are encouraged to contact the TRDC Executive Directors Ted Mouw and Daniel Xu or Administrator Bert Grider for more information.

The TRDC consists of one secure computer laboratory, located at Duke University, and is one of more than almost thirty sites in an expanding network of Research Data Centers located around the U.S. A wide variety of research has been conducted across the TRDC network. A unique proposal process exists for accessing non-public Census data in the TRDC. Researchers are strongly encouraged to contact Xu or Grider before preparing the proposal to assess the feasibility and obtain assistance in the proposal process.

Nicole Dalzell The Duke RDC lab allowed me the opportunity to work on an interdisciplinary project involving real, messy and sensitive data. A collaboration between statisticians and economists, I created a linked database that could be used by my collaborator in economics to explore the relationship between a federally funded audit program and energy efficiency in enterprises across the United States. This work allowed me to engage with an interdisciplinary team to solve a real data problem, gaining communication and teamwork skills as I created a data product that will be used to conduct deeper research into issues of energy efficiency.

- Nicole Dalzell, Assistant Teaching Professor of Statistics, Wake Forest University,
Ph.D. Statistical Science, Duke University, 2017


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