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Census Data

Census Data in the Research Data Center

The Research Data Center (RDC) is a secure computing environment providing access to restricted Census micro data for approved research projects.  These data sets are not a regular part of the Census Bureau data dissemination program and are not otherwise publicly available. A detailed listing of available data sets is provided at the CES Data link which includes links to documentation and survey sponsors. Further information on the contents of the data sets listed can be found at the Census web page.

To access Census data, researchers must have a research proposal that has been approved by the Center for Economic Studies.  Researchers should consult with the RDC Administrator before writing research proposals.

Select a link below or use the navigation on thetop to read detailed information on the various types of data.

Demographic Data

  • Censuses and surveys of households and individuals
  • Data are NOT public use files
  • Complete geography ( in many cases down to the blocks)
  • Items such as income are not topcoded
  • Individual identifiers such as name, address and social security numbers are not included.

Economic Data

  • Censuses and surveys of business establishments and firms
  • With very few exceptions, no public files exist for these surveys

Health Data

Linked Data

  • For businesses across surveys and over time
  • Linked employer-household data
  • Linked importer-exporter data
  • For households, individuals and businesses across detailed local geography (e.g.: school districts, enterprise zones)
  • Linked to external data (e.g.: Compustat-SSEL bridge)


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