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The TRDC offers a wide variety of data resources for applied social science research. Our secure computing lab enables qualified researchers with approved projects to conduct research using restricted-access versions of important datasets maintained by the U.S. Census Bureau and other federal agencies.

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Jared Murray Access to the RDC was critical during my Ph.D. It enabled me to work closely with researchers at the Census Bureau on an application of my methodological work on missing data in surveys. Since I was using real microdata from a redesign of an important federal survey, it would not have been possible outside of an RDC. Engaging in this kind of interdisciplinary collaboration was a formative experience for me professionally. This project was also a core component of my thesis and was ultimately published in our flagship journal (the Journal of the American Statistical Association). I am confident that having a high-impact application was instrumental in getting the paper accepted. My job talk coming out of Duke was based on this work, and it was an important factor in securing my faculty position.

- Jared Murray, Information, Risk, and Operation Management, The University of Texas at Austin,
Ph.D. Economics, Duke University, 2015

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