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Social Science Research Intstitute (SSRI)

Center for Economic Studies (CES) - CES governs the network of Census RDCs and it is the primary source of information regarding all aspects of the RDC program.

Census Bureau - The Census Bureau website contains descriptions of all the data that are collected by the Bureau. The website also provides links to various Census reports and tables.

Duke University

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

North Carolina State University

University of North Carolina System

Researcher Handbook

Census Research Data Centers

Boston Census Research Data Center
CES Census Bureau Headquarters
Chicago Census Research Data Center
Michigan Census Research Data Center
New York Census Research Data Center at Baruch
New York Census Research Data Center at Cornell
Triangle Census Research Data Center
California Census Research Data Center at Los Angeles
California Census Research Data Center at Berkeley

Working Paper Series

U.S. Census Bureau - Technical Documentation and Technical Working Papers
Population Division
Survey of Program Dynamics
CES Working Paper Series
MCD Working Papers
American Statistical Association
Proceedings of the Survey Research Methods Section
LEHD Technical Papers
FCSM - Methodology Reports

US Census and Surveys and more

Economic​ Programs

Census Bureau - Economic Surveys
Census Bureau - 1997 Economic Census: Sample Forms
Census Bureau - 2002 Economic Census: Sample Forms
Census Bureau - 2007 Economic Census: Sample Forms
Census Bureau - Overview of Economic Statistical Programs
Census Bureau - Economic Programs : Index to Questionnaires by Form Number
Census Bureau - North American Industry Classification System
Census Bureau - Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics
The National Income and Product Accounts

Demographic Programs

Census Bureau - Census 2000
Census Bureau - Demographic Surveys
Census Bureau - Demographic Survey Abstracts
Census Bureau - Statistical Abstract of the United States
Census Bureau - Census 2000 Basics
Census Bureau - 2000 Census Evaluation Reports
Census Bureau - Summary file 1- 2000 Census of Population and Housing
Census Bureau - American Community Survey(ACS)
Census Bureau - ACS Evaluation Reports
Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics - Current Population Survey
U.S. Census Bureau (2002). Current Population Survey: Design and Methodology. Washington, D.C., U.S. Census Bureau.
(NBER) National Bureau of Economic Research, CPS Merged Outgoing Rotation Groups Source of CPS data
(UC Berkeley) FTP site for public access to Monthly CPS data for years 1976 - 2000 Source of CPS data
(Unicon) link to Unicon Research "The Data Specialists", from home page select CPS Utilities. Source of CPS data

Other Programs

FedStats-Statistics from U.S. Federal Agencies
HUD American Housing Survey
BLS Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (formerly ES-202)
NASS 2000 Census of Agriculture
NCHS, National Vital Statistics System
NCHS, National Health Care Survey
NCES, Survey and Program Areas
Bureau of Justice Statistics, Crime and Victims Statistics, based on Uniform Crime Reports
Bureau of Justice Statistics, Courts and Sentencing Statistics, based on the National Judicial Reporting Program
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. (2004). Statistical Programs of the OECD

Other Census Information

Research Opportunities at the U.S. Census Bureau

Data Confidentiality, Privacy and More

LEHD Disclosure Guidelines
Census 2000 Special Tabulation Rules
OMB Working Paper 22 - Report on Statistical Disclosure Limitation Methodology
U.S. Code Title 13:
U.S. Code Title 26:
Privacy Act (1974):
Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency Act (CIPSEA, 2002)
U.S. Code Title 44 (Chapter 35):


Duke University